Our circumstances don't define who we are… much of this is true when it comes to Derrick Cobb.


Derrick has been performing since the age of 8 years old, but he never imagined the very thing he loved to do would be the thing to save his life! Growing up in Brooklyn, NY with his Stepfather as a DJ and Aunt as a dancer, it didn’t take long for Derrick to get bit by the entertainment bug. Musical influences like Prince and Janet Jackson appealed to Derrick not only because of their music but because of the way they presented their music. Dance and theatrical visualizations inspired Derrick to write, sing and dance.  But not before he was faced with challenges as a teenager that would change his life forever. While Derrick was a teenager he became homeless. While most would have given up on music Derrick used these events to motivate himself. Determined to make it and not be a victim he set out on his journey to make music his way. His musical escapade of dance/pop music with an R&B twist will have you tapping your feet and more. 


In 2014, Derrick worked with Nate Beats and released his first song and Music video "Mannequin Boi". A catchy upbeat tune about being a model introduced Derrick to the possibilities of what the future had in store for him. Since then Derrick has modeled on various runways, danced on many stages and music videos, and has been photographed by some of the fashion industry’s most world-renowned photographers. Derrick has appeared on several the popular morning TV Show Arise 360, CBS News on Logo, and MSNBC Melissa Perry- Harris show. With all that going on Derrick still set's out to take the music world by storm.


In 2016, through a mutual friend Derrick was introduced to Crystal & Cheryl Alford of TE Music and Critical Sounds Productions producer D.Gatez. Together, they began working on his upcoming EP ‘The Elements’. The EP represents Derrick’s life through all of the trials and tribulations and inspires homeless youth to never give up. Derrick is not only focused on music but is passionate about showing the world what life is truly like for a homeless teen. By telling his story he hopes that he can change someone else’s story. When Derrick put out 'The Elements' in 2016 he began to understand the power of music. He was booking shows all over New York City. Venues such as The Helen Mills Theatre, The Sugar Bar, Make Music New York, and the famous Club Cielo in the meatpacking district to name a few. 

While promoting the project Derrick snagged a few small roles in three indie films earning him 3 IMDB credits. He also has become a brand ambassador for several high-end brands, most recently being Tiffany's and Co. as well even making it into the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) exhibition. In 2017 Derrick learned that his music was streaming in different parts of the world. Not only was his music streaming in the US, but also countries like South Africa, Japan, Russia, Brazil, and the UK started picking up his music. He filmed his music video for “Outta Control” in the iconic Limelight Church in late 2018 in his hometown of New York City. “Outta Control” the music video has now reached over 51,000 views on YouTube and is set to be published on Bet and MTV.


To top this all off Derrick was invited to work with Grammy Award-winning producer Ebonie Smith and signed a demo deal with her. They began to work on a new sound and brand new material. Recording at Warner Music/Atlantic Recording Studios, Derrick and Ebonie developed a sound they define as "The New Era". Derrick then packed up and headed to Los Angeles in 2019 and quickly became one of the most sought-after new artists in his area. He was selected to become a member of the Recording Academy (Grammy Board) and was even able to record a song at the famous Capitol Records building in Hollywood, CA. He has since then headlined 4 shows in Hollywood and has been featured in multiple publications. His new music is very popular and ever-growing on streaming platforms such as Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music. Derrick is one of the hottest stars on the rise! His new music is very popular and ever-growing on streaming platforms such as Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music. In 2020 his music was streamed across all platforms over 800,000 times.  Be sure to check out his social media for the latest updates.Be sure to check out his social media for the latest updates.  

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